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Continuing Arc-Enabled Data Services

Warwick Rudd continues a series on Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services. Part 5 takes us through what you can do with the Azure CLI:

In our previous post, we touched on the deployment of the Data Controller and being able to deploy via the Portal, Azure Data Studio, or CLI commands depending on whether you are implementing a directly or indirectly connected Data Controller.

Az Arcdata is a suite of CLI commands that allow command line management of the data controller and the Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance once we have it configured.

Part 6 details the services available today:

Azure data services such as Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure PostgreSQL are fully managed by Microsoft in the Azure Cloud. They provide you with evergreen environments because they are managed by Microsoft and always have the latest patches and feature offerings, while also providing you the ability to quickly and easily scale on demand based on the workload or requirements.

I do expect this set to grow over time.