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Useful Design Patterns for Apache Spark Projects

Alexander Eleseev applies some design patterns:

When I participated in a big data project, I needed to program Spark applications to move and transform data from/to relational and distributed databases, like Apache Hive. I found such applications to have a number of pitfalls, so all “hard to read code,” “method is too large to fit into a single screen,” etc. problems need to be avoided for us to focus on deeper issues. Also, Spark jobs are similar: data is loaded from a single or multiple databases, gets transformed, then saved to a single or multiple databases. So it seems reasonable to try to use GoF patterns to program Spark applications. 

Specifically, this covers Spark code written in Java (or Python). I’d argue that Scala-based code would profit by following a different set of functional patterns rather than Gang of Four object-oriented design patterns.