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SQL Server 2019 CU 16 and Log Shipping

Lee Markum notes a change in SQL Server 2019 CU 16:

As a data professional managing SQL Servers, you need to be thinking about Windows and SQL Server patching.

You want to stay up to date, but you also have to be careful because sometimes staying fully up to date comes with the risk that a new patch might break a feature you are using. This is possibly the case for SQL Server 2019 CU 16. If you’re using Log Shipping on a database that has TDE enabled and compression is enabled on those backups, then you need to take heed.

I’ll walk you through what can happen and what I’ve seen work to resolve the problem.

This is the tricky part of getting rid of service packs: when I think cumulative update, I don’t think “Here’s a thing that could break backwards compatibility with other SQL Server instances which have not been patched.” Read on to see an example of this in action.