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Azure Synapse Analytics July 2022 Updates

Ryan Majidimehr notes that the Azure Synapse Analytics team has been busy:

Azure Synapse Link for SQL is an automated system for replicating data from your transactional databases into a dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics. Starting this month, you can make trade-offs between cost and latency in Synapse Link for SQL by selecting the continuous or batch mode to replicate your data.  

By selecting “continuous mode”, the runtime will be running continuously so that any changes applied to the SQL database or SQL Server will be replicated to Synapse with low latency. Alternatively, when you select “batch mode” with a specified interval, the changes applied to the SQL database or SQL Server will be accumulated and replicated to Synapse in batch mode with the specified interval. This can save cost as you are only charged for the time the runtime is required to replicate data. After each batch of data is replicated, the runtime will be shut down automatically. 

Click through for the complete list.

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