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SQL Server 2022 CTP 2.1 Released

Ajay Jagannathan has a good announcement:

Continuing with our release cadence, we’re excited to announce the release of SQL Server 2022 Community Technology Preview 2.1. Since the first public preview in May 2022, anyone can download SQL Server 2022 CTP2.1 to try the new features in this release.

CETAS and delta table support are nice additions for PolyBase, ones I’ve really wanted on-premises. We also have the official releases of APPROX_COUNT_DISC() and APPROX_COUNT_CONT(), which I can confirm are “good enough” in terms of closeness and way faster than doing COUNT(*). If you don’t need exact numbers (and outside of certain financial or legal scenarios, once you get into the millions or billions, you usually don’t need a precise number, just a sufficiently good estimate).