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Data Architecture Questions to Ask

James Serra does some thinking:

As an example, if I were asked what product to use to store data in the Azure cloud, I could come up with at least a dozen options, so I need to ask questions to reduce the choices to the best use case for the customers situation. This will avoid what I have seen many times – a company chooses a particular product and after their solution is built, they say the product is “terrible”, but they were using it for a use case that it was not designed for. But the customer was not aware of a better product for their use case because “they don’t know what they don’t know”. That is why you should work with an architect expert as one of your first order of business: the technology decisions at this early part of building a solution are vital to get correct, as finding out 6-months or one year later that you made the wrong choice and have to start over can lead to so much wasted time and money (and I have seen some shocking waste).

Read on for a slew of questions.