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The Siren Song of Platform-Portable SQL

Shane O’Neill gets on the soapbox:

Part of why I’m ranting about database-ubiquitousness SQL instead of ORMs is that I’ve also witnessed SQL code that has to work everywhere

I’m going to call this SQL “DUh SQL” from now on since I only have so many vowels on my keyboard and shouldn’t waste them re-writing the word “ubiquitousness”

Them: “Nope, we can’t use DATEFROMPARTS; it’s not available in other databases! Yeah, we use GETDATE() everywhere; what’s your point? WHAT!?!”

I strongly agree with this. Lowest common denominator SQL just means your code is likely to perform poorly in all environments. Even if you know you need to support multiple platforms, it’s better to get the most out of each and have whichever data access layer implementation you inject figure out the details of how to do it.