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Obscure Changes in SQL Server 2022

Aaron Bertrand has a three-parter on obscure changes in SQL Server 2022. First up we have some new information:

You can get the marketing blitz from just about anywhere, and the What’s New documentation for the bigger hitters from the technical side.

But what about the changes that aren’t on the highlight reel at Build and aren’t getting all the attention from the media blitz? I’m a details person, so I get a lot of insight looking around at the little, non-headline-generating things that have changed. I’ve shown before how to sneak a peek under the hood, and I’m going to do it again today:

Then we have feature selection changes:

You will notice some changes in the Feature Selection screen. Some of the options have been consolidated; for example, you now get R, Python, and Java with MLS, instead of picking. One item has been added: SQL Server Extension for Azure. Unfortunately, this option is checked by default in the CTP 2.0 version of setup (click to enlarge):

Finally, we have execution plan changes:

As a former technical product manager for Plan Explorer, I can’t help but snoop around in what has changed in the XSD for showplan. Even though I am not the best person to actually analyze what those changes mean, and even though changes in XSD don’t necessarily reflect changes the engine can produce right now – these usually lay the groundwork for engine changes that will happen later.

There’s quite a lot of information available for those willing to dig, as Aaron shows.