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IF Branching, Local Variables, and Stored Procedures

Erik Darling continues a quest. Part 3 involves local variables:

What never seems to get a bad name, despite numerical supremacy in producing terrible results, are local variables.

In this particular scenario, I see developers use them to try to beat “parameter sniffing” to no avail.

A chorus of “it seemed to work at the time”, “I think it made things a little better”, “it worked on my machine”, and all that will ensue.

But we know the truth.

The next part is around stored procedures:

You know and I know and everyone knows that stored procedures are wonderful things that let you tune queries in magickal ways that stupid ORMs and ad hoc queries don’t really allow for.

Sorry about your incessant need to use lesser ways to manifest queries. They just don’t stack up.

But since we’re going to go high brow together, we need to learn how to make sure we don’t do anything to tarnish the image of our beloved stored procedures.

Erik notes that stored procedures are part of the solution but there’s a bit more that we need.