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Forcing Color Scheme by Data Element

Reza Rad forces a particular color scheme in Power BI:

You can set the color in every visual in Power BI easily. You can also set the color of multiple visuals at the same time using Themes. However, what if you want to set the same color for the same data point? For example, You want the Gender Female to be always colored Orange in all the charts and visuals. In Power BI, as of now, you cannot set a data point color. However, there is an easy solution for that, which I explained in this article and video.

Click through for the answer. Generally I’d say something along the lines of “instead of doing this, just have one color and take advantage of cross-filtering to highlight the element people care about.” But if you do have a multi-measure categorical set with a small number of categories, color can be a differentiator and at least this helps you keep consistent colors across visuals.