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Reviewing the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant

Matt Allington takes a look:

I update this blog article regularly to keep track of how Microsoft is progressing on its strategic journey in building a world class BI platform.  Gartner released the 2022 magic quadrant for Business Intelligence in March 2022.  As expected (by me at least), Microsoft is continuing its trail blazing and has maintained a clear lead over the other contenders in both ability to execute and completeness of vision.  I first wrote this blog article in 2019 to show the trend over time. Since then, I have been collecting the new Gartner magic quadrant images and I have combined them all (2015 – 2022) into an animated gif file (see below).   The visualisation was built using Power BI (what else) so it is very easy to see the changing nature of the competitive environment.  Note that Microsoft started behind back in 2015, and arguably hit the lead in 2018.

Also check out Matt’s video on how to translate spatial values to numbers so Power BI can plot them.