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Replacing Common Table Expressions in ADF Dataflows

Jeet Kainth needs an alternative:

At the time of writing, it is not possible to write a query using a CTE in the source of a dataflow. However, there are a few options to deal with this limitation:

– re-write the query using subqueries instead of CTEs

– use a stored procedure that contains the query and reference the stored proc in the source of the dataflow

– write the query as a view and reference the view in the source of the dataflow (this is my preferred method and the one I will demo here)

Jeet focuses on the third alternative. I’d lean toward the second or the third alternative, myself. Probably the second one (stored procedures) but both allow me to create an interface between ADF and the database. That way, underlying table changes will be less likely to require me to make code changes in ADF.