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Costs for Managed Virtual Networks in Azure Data Factory

Martin Schoombee brings up an interesting point:

We were running SSIS in an Azure VM, spinning the VM up and down as required to run the ETL processes. A third-party SSIS component was used to extract data out of Dynamics 365 CRM, and accounted for a significant part of the yearly costs. I blogged about the reasons why I think it’s worth moving from Azure AS to Power BI PPU before, and combined with the move to Azure Data Factory I estimated a cost reduction of almost 35%.

After deploying the solution I noticed that our daily ETL costs were significantly higher than I thought it would be, and that started a little rabbit-hole exercise to figure out why.

I’m used to thinking about managed virtual networks in the case of Azure Synapse Analytics, where I think it makes a lot of sense as a default (especially because you can’t switch after you’ve made a decision).