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Randolph West does a switcharoo:

Dave is referring to the Microsoft Docs page for PWDENCRYPT(), which has been deprecated for some time. Unfortunately, although the recommended replacement is HASHBYTES(), there isn’t an example on either page of how to replicate the functionality of PWDENCRYPT().

So, borrowing from Sebastian Meine who wrote an article titled Hash Algorithms – How does SQL Server store Passwords?, this is how you can replicate the functionality of PWDENCRYPT() to create a login, using the HASHBYTES() function instead:

If this is what you have, so be it…but an algorithm like bcrypt or scrypt would be so much better for this purpose than SHA2 or SHA3. That means using a third party library for it but there are plenty for React, .NET, Python, etc.

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  1. Randolph West
    Randolph West2022-04-09

    What I’d give to see scrypt in SQL Server for auth…

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