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Intelligent Cache for Spark in Synapse

Avinanda Chattapadday makes an announcement:

Traditionally, when querying a file or table from your data lake, the Apache Spark engine in Synapse makes a call to your remote ADLS Gen2 storage for each read of the data. For workloads with frequent repeat queries, this process can be redundant and add latency to the overall processing time. Although Apache Spark provides a great caching feature, it must be manually set and released to minimize the latency and improve overall performance. It can also result in queries of stale data if the underlying data changes. This is where the intelligent cache in Azure Synapse can simplify the process; by automatically detecting changes to the underlying files and automatically refreshing them in the cache, you ensure you have access to the most recent data. When the cache reaches its size limit, it will automatically release the least-read data to make space for more recent data.

Click through to see how you can enable this, as well as a few more details on the process.