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Azure ML Well-Architected Framework Review

Ben Brauer has good news:

Microsoft offers prescriptive guidance called the Well-Architected Framework that optimizes workloads implemented and deployed on Azure. This guidance has been generalized for most workloads and creates a basis for reliable and secure applications that are cost optimized.

We have begun to build on this base content set to include more precise guidance for specific workload types, such as machine learning, data services and analytics, IoT, SAP, mission critical apps, and web apps. Machine Learning was the first branch from the base content, which came into fruition in the Fall of 2021.

In case you have never used the Azure Well-Architected Review assessment tool, it’s really useful. It can take hours (or days) to go through the review but if you take it seriously and have the right people in the room giving answers, you’ll get concrete guidance on how to optimize your Azure-based solutions.