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From Cosmos DB to the Serverless SQL Pool

Jovan Popovic shows off Synapse Link:

The serverless SQL pools enable you to implement near-real-time analytics solutions on top of your Cosmos DB data. Serverless SQL pools with the Synapse Link provide a cost-effective analytics solution for analyzing NoSQL data stored in Cosmos DB, which is not affecting or spending the resource units on your Cosmos DB transactional store. You can run heavy analytics on the serverless SQL pools that will not affect your workload or price of the main Cosmos DB transactional store. The serverless SQL pools enable you to use the T-SQL query language for analytics that enables you to connect the reporting & analytics tools (such as Power BI, Analytics Services) from a large ecosystem that works with SQL Server or Azure SQL database.

When you are integrating the serverless SQL pools in your solution, you need to apply some best practices. There are general best practices for the serverless SQL pools in the Synapse Analytics workspace, but some of these settings are not applicable to the Cosmos DB scenario. Probably you will use only a subset of the best practices that you can find here. In this post, you will find only the best practices that you should apply in the Cosmos DB solution and some additional hints that could help you to optimize your solution.

Click through to see how the process works and a few recommendations.