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Workload Analysis with XESmartTarget

Gianluca Sartori continues a series on XESmartTarget. First up, let’s analyze a workload:

The idea comes from a blog post by Brent Ozar about “How to Find Out Whose Queries are Using The Most CPU“. Brent uses the Resource Governor to detect who’s using the CPU. That’s an interesting approach, but you can do the same more efficiently with XESmartTarget.

Analyzing a workload means capturing all the queries on a server, categorize them by application name, database name and login name, and creating samples at regular intervals, in order to describe the behavior of the workload over time, let’s say every one minute.

From there, we’ll capture the queries running on our server:

In the previous recipe we used XESmartTarget to analyze a workload and we could characterize it by application/login/database. Now let’s take one more step: let’s capture all the queries and their plans and add query_hash and query_plan_hash to the analysis table. We will also capture plans and query text on separate tables.

It is fun getting to see all of the versatility in XESmartTarget.