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What Comes after the Well-Architected Framework Review

Ben Brauer takes us through the next step:

Congratulations! You’ve finished your Well-Architected Review of a workload, giving you a better understanding of where it could be fortified along the five pillars: SecurityReliabilityOperational ExcellencePerformance Efficiency and Cost Optimization. You have received Microsoft’s best practices as recommendations based on your answers to questions specific to each pillar.

The report (example below) shows a Well-Architected score for each pillar, as well as prioritized recommendations that allows for you to focus on biggest areas of impact. A great example is virtual machine right sizing. You can significantly lower your costs if you know which VM is best suited for your workload type.

By the way, if you have Azure resources, I highly recommend checking out the Well-Architected Framework assessment link there. It can take a very long time to go through because of just how many questions there are; that said, the results are also pretty specific and can be immediately helpful.