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Solutions for Matching Supply with Demand

Itzik Ben-Gan continues reviewing solutions to a tricky problem:

Last month I covered a solution based on interval intersections, using a classic predicate-based interval intersection test. I’ll refer to that solution as classic intersections. The classic interval intersections approach results in a plan with quadratic scaling (N^2). I demonstrated its poor performance against sample inputs ranging from 100K to 400K rows. It took the solution 931 seconds to complete against the 400K-row input! This month I’ll start by briefly reminding you of last month’s solution and why it scales and performs so badly. I’ll then introduce an approach based on a revision to the interval intersection test. This approach was used by Luca, Kamil, and possibly also Daniel, and it enables a solution with much better performance and scaling. I’ll refer to that solution as revised intersections.

Read on for one class of solution which performed quite well.