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Automating Power BI Data Model Metadata Extraction

Gerhard Brueckl avoids manual processes:

In the past I have been working on a lot of different Power BI projects and it has always been (and still is) a pain when it comes to the deployment of changes across multiple tiers(e.g. Dev/Test/Prod). The main problem here being that a file generated in Power BI desktop (.pbix) is basically a binary file and the metadata of the actual data model (BIM) cannot be easily extracted or derived. This causes a lot of problems upstream when you want to automate the deployment using CI/CD pipelines. Here are some common approaches to tackle these issues:

Click through to see several bad to palatable options and then check out Gerhard’s solution, which is significantly better. CI/CD is a huge pain point for Power BI developers but people like Gerhard are doing what they can to help.