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Pure Storage FlashArray Snapshot Torture Test

Argenis Fernandez puts SQL Server snapshots on a Pure Storage FlashArray to the test:

Look, I’m not here to fight your religious war about how snapshots should not be called backups. I’m just gonna call them fast-as-fast restores(*) and be done with it. Because let’s be honest, with Pure Storage there’s absolutely nothing faster than a storage snapshot to recover a volume. Or volume(s). You get the idea. It’s about how fast you recover, every time.

Yes, I do understand that there are a million of considerations for something to be called a “backup”. We’ll get to those little by little – don’t expect a thorough post on that debate right now. Today I want to focus on one question: Are Pure Storage FlashArray snapshots stable, trustworthy enough that I can take them without pausing I/O against my database? Can I trust that the database will come online every time from a snapshot?

Read on for the Answer. For additional fun, read the whole article with your mental voice sounding like Argenis.