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Measure Filters in Power BI

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari dive into a topic:

The first paragraph of this article needs to be a warning: the article itself is here for DAX and Power BI enthusiasts only. We are going to show a report that does not work, and then we explore how to fix the problem by performing a deep analysis of the queries generated by Power BI, finding the problem, and finally fixing it. The article contains a lot of references to advanced DAX concepts and the final solution is NOT a best practice. The value of the article is not in the specific solution. Rather, the important part is that a deep understanding of DAX and Power BI can help you obtain the right results, specifically when you have the feeling that you are faced with a bug because Power BI is acting strange. If you do not like DAX before reading this article, you will like it even less at the end. But if you love DAX, then chances are you will really enjoy the reading, even though it requires quite a lot of brain bandwidth. For sure, it took all of mine when I first encountered this behavior.

Break out the propeller hats before you dive in.