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magrittr’s Four Pipes

Gregory Janesch shows off the various pipes in the magrittr R package:

The magrittr package is a part of the extended tidyverse – i.e., not one of the ones normally loaded. It is the one that supplies the pipe operator (%>%), but it turns out that the package actually contains four pipe operators in total. All are intended to streamline and improve the readability of code, though the three non-basic ones are a bit more situational, and I’ve rarely seen them used, so I thought I would go into them a bit.

The CRAN page for magrittr is here; much of this post is based off of the package’s vignettes and documentation.

Click through for demonstrations of each. I’ve only seen the basic pipe in use as well, but the others look quite interesting and I can see use cases where knowing about them would be helpful. Also, note in the comments about the secret 5th pipe. H/T R-Bloggers