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Paginated Reports in Power BI

Elayne Jones dives into paginated reports in Power BI:

Paginated Reports for Power BI offer pixel-perfect control over the format of each element of a report. They allow users to fine-tune each field of the report, such as text size, colors, spacing, and print layout, in a more precise way than using regular visuals in Power BI Desktop. Users can access Paginated Reports directly fromĀ workspaces in Power BI Service. Additionally, users can embed Paginated Reports directly onto a Power BI report page with the new visual option. This article will explain how to create a Paginated Report and how to configure the new Paginated Reports visual in Power BI Desktop. Please note that Paginated Reports require a Premium subscription. This tutorial is based on a fictional Sales Report.

If you’re familiar with SQL Server Reporting Services, you’ll find Power BI paginated reports simultaneously comfortable and confining—it’s much the same functionality as SSRS, but doesn’t feel as complete.