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Projecting Disk Space Available

Constantine Kokkinos predicts the future:

The first question I wanted to model out was a bigger issue with on-premises databases – when are we going to run out of storage?

Back in the day I’d cheat with msdb backups, comparing compressed sized to actuals, and moving on. However I don’t have a historical reference for Stack Overflow… so what can I do?

Taking a look at the tables we see a commonality in many tables – CreationDate! It looks like the rows faithfully are stamped when they are created.

Constantine does at the end hit on something we tend to forget: most operations in life aren’t quite linear. We often get lucky in that certain stretches are close enough to be linear that we can model them that way, but even in this dataset, you can see the effects of polynomial growth slowly build up. Still, this is a good way of taking us through what an analysis and projection can look like.