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Ways to Filter Data in PostgreSQL

Gauri Mahajan shows off several techniques for filtering data in PostgreSQL:

Data is hosted in a variety of data repositories, one of which is relational databases. Out of tens of commercial and open-source relational databases, one of the most popular open-source relational databases is PostgreSQL. This database is offered on the Azure cloud platform through a service named Azure Database for PostgreSQL. One of the most fundamental operations performed on the database is reading and writing data to consume and host data. It goes without saying that when the data is consumed, it must be scoped based on the requirements or criteria specified by the consumer. This translates to filtering the data while querying it. Like every other relational database, Postgres offers different operators and options to filter data while querying. Let’s go ahead and learn some of the most fundamental ways to filter data hosted in PostgreSQL.

Most of them are the same as what you have in T-SQL, but not everything.