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Row Pattern Recognition in Snowflake

Koen Verbeeck knows how to make my blood boil:

I’m doing a little series on some of the nice features/capabilities in Snowflake (the cloud data warehouse). In each part, I’ll highlight something that I think it’s interesting enough to share. It might be some SQL function that I’d really like to be in SQL Server, it might be something else.

In the book T-SQL Window Functions – For data analysis and beyond, Itzik Ben-Gan explains the concept of row-pattern recognition (RPR) in a dedicated chapter (you can find a full book review here). It’s a concept that doesn’t exist in T-SQL, but is described in the SQL standard and is available in some other database systems. Snowflake has recently introduced support for RPR. 

Jokes about being angry aside, I’d really like to see row pattern recognition in SQL Server. It’s definitely not trivial to learn, but once you do, there’s a lot of power available to you. Koen also links to the Feedback item about this, so vote on that as well.