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An Overview of Amazon Athena

Aveek Das takes us through the basics of Amazon Athena:

Serverless. Since Amazon Athena is offered as a fully managed cloud service, customers do not need to take the pain of installing and maintaining separate infrastructures for this. You can start by logging into the AWS Web console and proceeded to Amazon Athena.

Pay Per Query. You only pay for queries you execute. This is very cost-effective, as you can easily figure out your monthly expenses based on your usage pattern. On average, users pay 5 USD for each terabyte of data scanned. This can be further optimized by creating partitions or compressing your dataset.

Interactive Performance. We do not need to worry about the resources that work behind the scenes. When a query is executed, Athena automatically runs the query in parallel across multiple resources, bringing the results faster.

Read on to see an example of Athena in action.