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Estimating Nonclustered Index Sizes with Powershell

Alex Stuart performs some calculations:

I recently encountered a requirement to estimate the size of (a lot of) nonclustered indexes on some very large tables due to not having a test box to create them on or the time to build one. I couldn’t find a script to do this, and as any programmer knows, laziness is the real mother of invention, so I wrote one.
This post summarises how we can calculate this and provides a Powershell function to do so.

I used Microsoft’s documentation as a basis on how to do it, but as it’s a wall of text that’s a little tricky to follow, I’ll go over the basics here. I’m only covering the leaf levels and non-MAX columns that would create LOB pages – I’ll explain why later.

Click through for the article and to see how Alex’s calculations play out.