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Filtering Power BI Slicers Based on Other Slicers

Matt Allington answers a question:

This is a follow up article from my last blog post where I demonstrated how easy it is to use two slicers to compare any two items. In the demo in my article, I specifically showed how you could compare any 2 years of choice, but the principle applies to any two products, any two customers, or any two of anything. At the bottom of that article, there was a comment from Artur asking if there was a way to limit the choices in the comparison slicer to exclude the item selected in the first slicer. E.g.

If I select Year = 2016 in slicer 1 below, then I don’t want to see Year = 2016 in the comparison slicer 2 below.  I thought that was a great question/suggestion and hence that is the topic for today.

Click through for the video in which Matt answers the question.