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Is sysname Case-Insensitive?

Solomon Rutzky tries Betteridge’s Law of Headlines:

Over time I’ve used a variety of SQL Server versions with a variety of instance-level collations. This has lead me to conclude that sysname had to be all lower-case in some earlier versions if the instance-level collation was either binary or case-sensitive. However, it was not clear exactly which versions and what scenarios truly affected the behavior of sysname name resolution, so I played it safe and continued to always specify that particular data type in all lower-case, even leaving comments in scripts that it must remain as all lower-case (just in case someone goes through and tries to make it upper-case to be consistent with the other data types).

But then, while researching another topic, I recently found the following in some old documentation ( Breaking Changes to Database Engine Features in SQL Server 2005 ):

Read on for the results of Solomon’s archaeological expedition.