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Quick Insertion into SQL Server from a Spreadsheet

Kevin Wilkie gives a quick way to load data from Excel (or any other spreadsheet):

One of the items I do before creating the table in the database is to review all of the data that is in the spreadsheet to make sure that:

1. I understand the data that is going into the database table.
2. Nothing that is just obviously wrong is trying to be pushed into the database. For example, the data I was talking about earlier that was one column over from what it should have been. If you see data that is all 0’s and 1’s up until a certain row, then you have descriptions or names – you probably have some bad data.

The other important part of pushing the data into the database from a spreadsheet is working with the CONCATENATE function of Excel. Let’s go into that now.

Click through for the process, as well as additional explanation.