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Power BI Cross-Report Drill-Through

Marc Lelijveld takes us through the benefits and challenges of drilling through to a different report in Power BI:

It is very common to have multiple reports for different audiences, while there is also one (group of) user(s) that requires to have an overview over all these different insights. The main challenge you will face, is having cross-report interactivity and find related insights.

Let’s take an example of three different roles, where we have a customer account manager, reseller manager and a regional manager. Of course, they should have the same single source of truth, but there is one thing you want to avoid as report creator! You do not want to create three different report for the three mentioned audiences. But as they have different roles and responsibilities, you do not want them to see each other’s data and keep it clean and simple! In this blog I will describe how you can setup cross-report drill through to jump from one report to another, while respecting applied filters and avoiding building three separate reports!

Click through for the process, as well as potential issues you may hit along the way.