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Updating Word or Powerpoint with Power BI Data

Stephanie Bruno solves an interesting problem:

In my case, colleagues are required to develop reports every quarter with the most updated data we have and with a lot of commentary included. For example, they create the same 60-page document every quarter with the same tables and charts, and then modify the narrative depending on the data. For this reason, paginated reports may not be the right solution because the narrative varies so much. They also have a very particular format for the charts and tables that is hard to reproduce in Power BI. Finally, the data may be changing up to the day before the report is due. Their process in the past was to export the data they needed from Power BI, open it in Excel, copy and paste to another file where they had all of their charts built, export/copy/paste from more visuals, tweak the charts, then copy and paste the charts into their Word document. Then work late into the night doing this a few more times as the data is updated.

To help free them from this tedium, we worked out a new process to get their Word and PowerPoint files automatically updated in the format they required, using our good friend, “Analyze in Excel.”

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