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Memory Grant Feedback in SQL Server

Deepthi Goguri hits on one part of Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server:

In this part, let us focus on the Memory Grant Feedback feature released in SQL Server 2017 for Batch mode execution and in SQL Server 2019 for Row mode execution.

Memory Grants are used by the SQL Server for the Hashes and Sort operations. SQL Server optimizer uses the statistics information and allocate the memory needed by the query before the query executes. When the query is executed, SQL Server uses the allocated memory to process the query for the hashes and sorts. If this memory grant is not enough to process the query, data will use tempdb spilling to disk. When too much memory is allocated based up on the estimates, we can effect the concurrency as all other queries requires memory grants to process the queries as well. Bad estimates can effect the memory grants allocated to the queries. Too much or too little memory grants is bad.

Read on to see how Memory Grant Feedback helps the optimizer out with queries over time.