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Installing SQL Server on an Azure VM

Niels Berglund takes us through the steps of creating an Azure VM running SQL Server:

A while ago, I wanted to do a quick test on a new SQL installation, and I wanted the SQL installation to be on a “pristine” server. I was not keen on creating a new virtual machine on my local dev-box, as for that I would need to create a VM image etc., and it seemed like too much hassle for a lazy person like me. The obvious choice then is to do it in the cloud. How hard can that be, what could possibly go wrong?!

It turned out to not be as straight-forward as I thought it would be, but eventually, I managed to get it right. Since I probably need to do it again some time, I thought I’d write a post about it, so I have something to go back to. So here we go …

Niels goes through this in meticulous detail, as is the norm.