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Infrastructure Notes for RMDBS on Azure VMs

Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman takes a look at some of the hardware choices you have in Azure, focusing on what works for relational database management systems:

The truth is, its often a combination of database and infrastructure issues that are the cause.  Although many of you may want me to dig into database performance data, I’m actually going to first focus on infrastructure, as it’s the area that most aren’t privy to for Oracle, or for that matter, any database on Azure IaaS.

The topic of infrastructure is an essential one for any database running in IaaS and even more so VMs on Linux, which can be a bit foreign for the Microsoft data specialist.  Yes, this may be intimidating when doing the shift to Linux and understanding some of the nuances to running a database on Linux, but understanding the infrastructure is a key to removing it from the scenario.  Hopefully these tips will assist you, no matter if you’re running Oracle, (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server) on Linux VMs on Azure IaaS.

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