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Azure Data Studio Database Projects

Warwick Rudd takes us through database projects in Azure Data Studio:

For a long time source control for Database Code, has been difficult or costly to implement and use.

With the ever expanding list of resources available for Azure Data Studio, we can now do even more while staying inside of a single tool allow us to be more productive and take advantage of implementing and using source control in our environments.

In the September 2020, release we have a new extension – Database Projects that I recommend you install and have approved if needed in your environment making your life easier with your database development being incorporated into source control.

I’ll stick to the ones in Visual Studio for now, but will check in on this in a couple releases to see if there’s enough value in here to make the switch.

One Comment

  1. George Walkey
    George Walkey2020-11-11

    No sure what MS is trying to do with ADS:
    bundle an inferior product into SSMS to tick off the uptake numbers

    although you can set breakpoints for Powershell 5.1 and 7.03 in VSCode
    you cant in SQL code

    but in ADS, you cant do either

    not sure of the audience for this product

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