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PIVOT in Powershell

Shane O’Neill succumbs to peer pressure:

I can’t very well give out to people for not doing the right thing first time, even if it’s more difficult, if I don’t do the right thing myself!

As Kevin mentioned, once the data was in a proper format, a format designed for SQL, the calculations were trivial.

However, outputting the results in the same way in PowerShell required a way to pivot results in PowerShell. Thanks to some heavy lifting from Joel Sallow ( Blog | Twitter ), I now know how to pivot in PowerShell!

Here’s hoping that this post will help explain it for you also.

It’s interesting to see how much more difficult it is to turn a “tall” data set into a “long” data set in Powershell. It’s not that many lines of code once you know how to do it, but getting there is a challenge.