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Cosmos DB Serverless

Hasan Savran takes us through a new approach to Cosmos DB pricing:

There used to be two ways for Azure Cosmos DB to bill you for the services it provides. Those were Manual Provisioned throughput and Auto scale provisioned throughout.          Provisioned throughput is number of request units available for your applications to use per second. For example, Let’s say you picked 400 Request Units. That means your application’s budget is 400 request units per second. Depending on your needs, you can scale up or down. You can set this manually and scale up and down manually if you like. That will be the cheapest option which is 100 Request Units for $0.008 per hour. Your other option is the auto scale option, Cosmos DB scales up and down automatically with this option. All you need to tell Cosmos DB is, what the highest number it can scale up to. This option is 50% higher than the first option.

    These are great options, but they can be still be expensive for what you need.

Read on for what we know about Serverless pricing and which APIs currently support the Serverless model.