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Ignoring security_error_ring_buffer_recorded Events

Erin Stellato recommends putting the system health extended event on a diet:

In Aaron’s post he refers to the security_error_ring_buffer_recorded event as “unactionable noise”, and frankly I can’t think of a better term for it.  I’ve never used it to troubleshoot it any authentication/security issue, and I’m very confident that Microsoft isn’t using it in its current state either.  In terms of the volume of that event, for the new client system that I looked at recently the five system_health files covered about four (4) hours of time.  Of the 1,851,741 million events captured in that time frame, the security_error_ring_buffer_recorded event showed up 1,838,882 times.  That’s 99.3% of the events…absolute noise.

Erin shows you how to turn this off and get rid of a mess of unhelpful messages.