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A Warning on Power BI Custom Visuals

Martin Schoombee gives us a warning around relying upon free custom visuals:

Before you get the impression that I’m against custom visuals, let me say this: I love custom visuals! I myself have used many custom visuals in the past and have been very quick to look for a custom visual when I couldn’t get something to display or work the way I needed it to in Power BI.

Custom visuals fill an important gap where the base product is not yet where it needs to be, and what better way for Microsoft to see what people need and where they need to invest more time from a visualization standpoint? It’s an awesome concept and I like it.

Unfortunately there are a few BUT’s to follow, but let me first tell you my story…

Read the whole thing. I like custom visuals a lot, but there are risks in a corporate world, and I don’t necessarily mean security.