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The Importance of Power BI Deployment Pipelines

Marc Lelijveld explains the importance of Power BI Deployment Pipelines:

You might have seenĀ the announcement, Power BI Deployment Pipelines have been released in May 2020. It is around for about two months now. On different social channels I have seen a lot of buzz around it already, both positive and negative honestly. Though, I think this is a great step forward!

Back in 2018, I posted a blog aboutĀ multi-tier architecture and continuous delivery with Power BI. If you are not familiar with a DTAP approach and why this helps you to structure your development processes, I advise you to first read that blog. Personally, I am really excited about Deployment Pipelines! With this functionality, Microsoft starts offering an out-of-the-box functionality that helps you to easier move your Power BI content through you DTAP pipeline.

I think it’s a pretty big step in the right direction, though the “Why this isn’t so great” section is a bit lengthy.