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Vectorized R I/O in Apache Spark 3.0

Hyukjin Kwon gives us a preview of SparkR improvements in Apache Spark 3.0:

When SparkR does not require interaction with the R process, the performance is virtually identical to other language APIs such as Scala, Java and Python. However, significant performance degradation happens when SparkR jobs interact with native R functions or data types.

Databricks Runtime introduced vectorization in SparkR to improve the performance of data I/O between Spark and R. We are excited to announce that using the R APIs from Apache Arrow 0.15.1, the vectorization is now available in the upcoming Apache Spark 3.0 with the substantial performance improvements.

This blog post outlines Spark and R interaction inside SparkR, the current native implementation and the vectorized implementation in SparkR with benchmark results.

Certain operations get ridiculously faster with this change.