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Bulk Loading SQL Server from .NET

Adrian Hills walks us through the SqlBulkCopy class:

Ever been in a situation where rumblings of “process X is too slow” suddenly build into a super-high priority ball of urgency when that next step up in data volume hits? Yeah, that can be fun. No, really, it can be fun because we have strategies to sort this stuff out, right?

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about one particular piece of functionality—SqlBulkCopy—that can help you with bulk data loading. If I had to single out my favorite .NET class, SqlBulkCopy would be at the top of the list. My goal is to introduce you to this class so that maybe it can become a part of your tool belt, too.

Click through to see how it works. If you’re familiar with SSIS, you’re already familiar with the concept if not the specifics.