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Coding Tips for a Younger Self

Parvinder Nijjar has some good tips for less-experienced developers:

Always break a big problem into a series of small problems. Sometimes a big problem can feel daunting and be more difficult than it seems. Break the problem down into smaller blocks and then solve each block one at a time. It’s okay to skip a block and return to a previous block as it may give you clues to fixing the skipped block. In all honesty whilst coding the parts you can do a piece of divine inspiration will enable you to problem you couldn’t solve or you will enough code to show one of your more capable colleagues that you had tried to fix the issue and now this rubbish was there problem to fix.

I am basically at the point of self-parody in my love of functional programming languages, but this is one of those things FP really reinforces: bottom-up development and chaining together lots of little pieces to create big pieces. But there is good advice in here no matter what language you use.