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An Example of Complex CSV Rule Parsing with Power Query

Cedric Charlier shows off some of the benefit of Power Query with a fairly complicated set of rules:

At the beginning, some of us thought that it would be easy to fix these issues by returning to the data quality team and ask them to fix these issues but it was not so easy. Identifing the rules needing a fix would be huge task (the CSV files are not created if the test is successful, maling it impossible to address this issue in one run and other impediments). I took the decision to go over this issue with the implementation of the following heuristic:

– if the CSV has a column DateTime then we’ll use it
– if the header is empty or no column is named DateTime then use the first column
– if the content of the selected column is not a date then try to parse it as the inner content of a JSON element.

Read on to see how.