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Fun with Deadlocks

Jana Sattainathan diagnoses a deadlocking issue:

We know what deadlocks are and some of the common reasons they happen. If you need a refresher, I recommend this good article. I am not going to rehash what has already been said although these high level points are worth noting to resolve them:

1) Examine known Parallelism (where you have parallelized jobs)
2) Examine unknown Parallelism (unknown jobs or users interfere with your jobs in parallel)
3) Arrange order of tables doing DML to be the same across all code. E.g., Always Customers first, Orders second, OrderDetails third.
4) Examine the indexes on the affected tables to eliminate full-table scans
5) Reduce the amount of time spent in a transaction
6) Update in chunks especially if updating/deleting across sessions
7) Avoid RBAR (Row By Agonizing Row) CRUD operations! Do statement based mass changes.

Read on to understand Jana’s situation and solution.