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Managing Azure SQL Database with Golang

Silvano Coriani shows us that it’s possible to manage Azure SQL Databases with Go:

Goal for this post is to introduce how to start interacting with Azure SQL through Go (, an open source programming language gaining lots of traction in developers’ community thanks to its simplicity and efficiency in scenarios like microservices and server apps (did I mention that Kubernetes itself is written in Go?).  

Azure SQL provides full support for Go developers on both control plane (deploy, manage and configure Azure SQL servers and databases) and data plane activities (connect, execute commands and queries against Azure SQL instances) through Azure SDK for Go and Microsoft SQL Server Driver for Go.

A companion code sample for this article, written using VS Code, can be found here.

To me, this is like the articles written back in 2007-2008 about how to manage SQL Server with Python. It’s cool and I hope it helps some people learn the language or find another good use for it, but I’m not sure it moves the needle.